Help Our Bees

Professional advice on the conservation and promotion of pollinators and other invertebrates from top expert Steven Falk, author of Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland, Warwickshire's Wildflowers and co-author of British Hoverflies.

Services and outputs
  • Pollinator Audits (covering pollinators and their lifecycle needs, SWOT analysis of sites/landscapes for pollinators)
  • Pollinator Plans and Strategies - frameworks for promoting pollinators, to help landowners deliver the National Pollinator Strategy locally, protect rare pollinators and get the most from Countryside Stewardship
  • Walks (including bug hunts for all ages), talks, formal lectures, student development and workshops/training covering a range of topics relating to pollinator and invertebrate identification and conservation
  • General invertebrate and plant surveys (can assemble teams of experts to generate seriously detailed species lists where necessary)
  • Impact assessments for invertebrates and their habitats
  • Advice on managing sites and habitats for invertebrates
  • Bespoke identification of insect specimens and samples, especially pollinators
  • Species recovery work
  • High quality photography covering many areas of natural history but especially British invertebrates, trees, flowers and habitats
  • Written work for leaflets, websites, magazines, reports, books etc.

Contact details
Mobile: 07815 557263
Email: falkentomology(at)