British Entomological and Natural History Society
The objectives of the Society are the promotion and advancement of research in entomology with an increasing emphasis now being placed on the conservation of the fauna and flora of the United Kingdom
A charity dedicated to maintaining sustainable populations of insects, spiders and earthworms
Butterfly Conservation
Dedicated to saving wild butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout the UK
BWARS (Bee Wasp and Ant Recording Society)
BWARS is the national society dedicated to studying and recording bees, wasps & ants (aculeate Hymenoptera) in Britain & Ireland.
David Element's Wildlife Web Pages
David Element's wonderful wildlife photography
Dipterists Forum
The Society for the study of flies (Diptera)
Ed Phillips Images
Superb photographer - likes bees!
Insect Macro & Wildlife Images - A journey of discovery
The natural history blog site of Warwickshire photographer and budding entomologist Ed Philips, taking you along a journey of discovery which Ed is capturing with the most stunning images.
Hymettus Ltd is the premier source of advice on the conservation of bees, wasps and ants within Great Britain and Ireland
Jeremy Early - Nature Conservation Imaging
The photographs of Jeremy Early
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
Local environmental charity which aims to protect wildlife and natural places throughout Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull
Environmental education and webcam enthusiast with a stunning website