Research and Publications

I have published a good deal over the years, several books and major monographs, popular articles and leaflets, scientific and technical papers of many sorts (see my publication list). But all too often I’ve been frustrated that I cannot make my publications look and read the way I’d like them to. Sometimes I am trying to reach several audiences simultaneously. Sometimes I want to use lots of colour photos to bring a publication alive and enthuse readers.

I had the chance to achieve all of this with the Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland, and hope I've been successful (you can be the judge!). I'd like to do more books like this in the future. I have also been producing on-line PDFs that are freely available to all covering a variety of subjects. Some are self-published, and others are supported by organisations such as the Warwickshire Biological Records Centre and Natural England. They look much nicer than most formal reports and reach a larger and more diverse audience, including land managers and local naturalists. Watch this space, because I’m never short of ideas for new ones.

Download my Publications

To download a file click on one of the links below, allowing a little time for the file to download (which will depend on the speed of your broadband connection). You will require Adobe Reader to view these PDFs. This can be easily downloaded for free if you do not already have it.

Test Key To British Blowflies 132016

A list of my publications to end of 2011

Bees & Wasps of the East Sussex Downs

Warwickshire's Bumblebees

Bees & Wasps of Warwickshire's Calcareous Quarries

Bees & Wasps of West Midlands Heathland

Warwickshire Tree Catalogue Part 1 (Intro)

Warwickshire Tree Catalogue Part 2 (Conifers)

Warwickshire Tree Catalogue Part 3 (Broadleaves A-M)

Warwickshire Tree Catalogue Part 4 (Broadleaves N-Z)

Warwickshire Tree Catalogue Part 5 (Sites)

Warwickshire's Black Poplars

Warwickshire's Veteran Trees

Forthcoming titles include Flies of the New Forest Valley Mires, Flies of the East Sussex Downs, Flies, Bees & Wasps of the Dorset-Hampshire coast (Christchurch to Hythe), Flies, Bees & Wasps of the East Sussex coast (Newhaven to Rye).